Monday, 2 December 2013

Making it Personal.
When I think of design, the first thought that comes to my mind is, how can I make it personalized. How can I create a piece that is personal and will speak to my client's senses and emotions. I'd like them to recognize certain features in the piece and feel that it was made just for them. It's so rewarding when my clients tell me personal stories that help me creat something that allows them to relay the stories to others. One such piece is this boutonnière I designed in honour of the grooms late mother. She was an accomplished seamstress and loved music. Also his father in-law is an avid Orchid collector.

I made this arrangement to be given in memories of Morocco. My inspirations were colours of Moroccan mosaic tile and the beautiful scents of a Moroccan courtyard in full bloom. 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Signs of Spring.

Tulips are always one of the signs that spring is coming. Before the tulip plant pops out of the ground in your garden, they are in all the grocery stores as beautiful cut bouquets. A tulip may appear delicate because of it's soft stem, but they are resilient and can last weeks in an arrangement. Did you know tulip stems keep growing in water even after being cut from it's root? The stem has to be cut at the right length to keep the shape of an arrangement for the duration of it's display time. Tulips have a subtle sweet scent that blends well with many other aromatic flowers. I love the combination of tulip and freesia. <3

Another beautiful combination is tulips and peonies.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Beauty Of A Flower.

What makes a flower beautiful and attractive?  It's all about scent and colour for me. Gardenia flowers have a soft, sweet,  yet intense scent. It has to be my favourite scent, closely followed by Freesia. I've had a Gardenia plant for years and it finally bloomed. :)

Gardenia wrist corsage, placed on a simple copper bracelate. Perfect for the mother of the bride.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Hello World!

Unique Floral Arrangements
At Zuhoor Designs, we specialize in creating beautiful fresh flower arrangements. Owner Bilqees Quick's flair for floral artistry is evident in each of her unique creations. Whether you're looking for that special touch for your wedding or corporate event or if you want to simply brighten someone's day with a token of love and appreciation, look no further than Zuhoor Design's wide selection of hand and vase arrangements.

Zuhoor Designs Bilqees Quick has a passion for fresh flowers. We can create a beautiful setting for your wedding or special event with our fresh flower arrangements. Bring a sense of beauty and style to your organization or corporate event with our unique fresh flower centerpieces and give a gift of love or appreciation with our hand and vase bouquets.